Dagored Records Reissues Ennio Morricone’s ‘L’Alibi’ Soundtrack On Vinyl For The First Time

Limited edition of 500 units in coloured vinyl.

Ennio Morricone’s original motion picture soundtrack for 1969 Italian comedy “L’Alibi” has been released on vinyl for the first time, via Dagored Records. Strictly limited to 500 coloured copies worldwide.

Written and directed by and starring Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi and Luciano Lucignani, L’Alibi is a 1969 comedy drama about a trio of friends who reunite after many years apart. The score brims with ’60s cool, lots of cheerful tunes, pop arrangements, lounge jazz, and dazzling vocals, all of them featuring that unmistakable Morricone air. It’s light music that is highly entertaining, listenable throughout, and full of delightful little touches. “Canzone Della Libertà” is an unusual piece performed by the legendary Sergio Endrigo and the I Cantori Moderni Di Alessandro Alessandroni, which includes snippets from famous speeches about freedom; its moody, catchy main theme, with an unusual instrumentation and percussive accompaniment style, make a great combination. This marks the first time the complete score has appeared on vinyl.

Pre-order a copy of the LP here.


Side A

1. Immagini Del Tempo
2. Belinda May
3. Canzone Della Libertà
4. Allegretto Burlesco
5. Pennellate
6. L’alibi (Shake N.1)
7. Guardando Nel Vuoto
8. Delicatamente
9. L’alibi (Samba)
10. Sognando
11. Lo Libero

Side B

1. L’alibi (Shake N.2)
2. Animaletti
3. Belinda May (Versione 2)
4. Recitazione Corale
5. L’alibi (Samba)
6. Una Fotogra A
7. L’alibi (Shake N.3)
8. In Un Filo D’erba
9. Belinda May (Versione 3)
10. L’alibi (Interludio Romantico)
11. L’alibi (Marcetta Grottesca)
12. Immagini Del Tempo (Versione 2)
13. L’alibi (Shake N.4)
14. Belinda May (Versione 4)
15. Una Fotografia


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