The famous Chicago Label D.J. International is working on a digital reissue of some of the best-known house tunes in its catalogue. Located right across from Warehouse, the legendary label was originally founded in the 1980s and is considered a milestone of house music.

The label’s catalogue is now owned by Universal Music. The aim is to remaster 130 singles for digital release, and for some of these tracks it is the first time. Eight tracks per week will be out starting on November 10th.

Among the remastered tunes you will find  Frankie Knuckles‘s “Only The Strong Survive” Chip E.‘s “Time To Jack“, Fast Eddie‘s “Acid Thunder“, E.S.P.‘s “It’s You“, House People‘s “Godfather Of House” and Fingers Inc‘s “A Path“. These were the names for the first batch. The following release will feature music by Marshall Jefferson, Darryl Pandy and Farley Jackmaster Funk.


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