Brazil Music Conference Turns 10

As it enters into its tenth year, the scene leading Brazil Music Conference (BRMC) – previously known as Rio Music Conference – has announced to move to a different location, Sao Paolo.

Taking place over four days from March 7th to 10th in the beautiful Unibes Cultural space, on Oscar Freire Street, the conference will continue to be the industry standard for anyone involved in electronic music in South America anyway.

Last year’s edition had 74 hours of programming across three days and six auditoriums, gathering 270 speakers, two networking areas, more than 100 activities, panels and workshops, Q&As and speed coaching and more than 60 parties in club week. 400 brands attended the trade fair and there were awards in 22 different categories.

Growing carries the responsibility of leading movements, leading major changes and pulling neighbouring countries towards market evolution and progress. This is the role that BRMC has just assumed. The change marks the arrival of the tenth year of the conference, a major entertainment industry representative within the creative economy, and is strategic to its new globalizing position. According to its founder Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filho, “It’s time to broaden the spectrum and act in a continental manner.

It is intended not only to connect DJs, producers, entrepreneurs, media and all involved in the electronic music scene, but also to serve as a platform for brands and investors interested in this broad sector that moves more than $7 billion in the world economy, every year. (Source: International Music Summit, 2017).

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