Arturia Releases DrumBrute Impact, the New Drum Machine With Attitude

Available now for €299.

Arturia presents DrumBrute Impact, a new analog drum machine, pared-down take on the DrumBrute drum machine, retailing for €299.

Combining bold, hard-hitting analog sounds, a monstrous output distortion, performable controls, superb connectivity, and a powerful sequencer, DrumBrute Impact will fill your music with energy and muscle.

The new Arturia’s drum machine is built around ten analog instruments on eight channels, a kick, a pair of snares, two toms, a cowbell, two hats and an FM drum. Each track can have a separate length, allowing you to build polyrhythmic patterns. The Impact fits 10 instruments onto its eight performance pads, each with a unique set of controls and a Color setting to bring extra flair. Featuring also a distortion effect on the master output for adding grit to the sound, and 64 step sequencer with a Looper function for easy repeats, a Roller function to introduce fills.

Check out the promo video below!

Head here for more info and to purchase your DrumBrute Impact.


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