Anthony Collins Revealed the Identity Behind Anonymous House Producer Grant

The French producer will release his next EP as Grant this September.

Frank & Tony duo half Anthony Collins has unveiled himself as the producer behind the anonymous house alias Grant.

Grant first appeared on Collins and Francis Harris‘ label The Lauren Bacall born to produce anonymously using old Hollywood names, like Cary Grant. The identity behind Grant remained anonymous until now.

The French artist explained to RA: “I wanted to reach an audience who would listen to my music without any preconceived ideas of my sound due to my past discography and aliases. Our society is so quick to pigeonhole you in a certain category, and it feels sometimes impossible as an artist to get out of that.”

I hope that after all this time, and music, the audience will see me now as Grant and not pay too much attention to my past aliases,” he added.

Collins will release his next EP as Grant, ‘Grant 005‘, on his label in September. Listen to some clips from the upcoming EP below!

A1 Nature Yourself
A2 Beat One Project
B1 Got To Know
B2 Converge


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