Andrew Weatherall has remixed Yello‘s “Frautonium” for a new EP.

Yello is a Swiss duo known for their post-punk and synth pop work in the 1980s, including their 1985 hit “Oh Yeah.” They’ve kept going through the decades, releasing an album called Toy last year. Weatherall, who already remixed Yello on 1992’s Jungle Bill 12-inch, chose “Frautonium” as his favourite track and remixed it four times. The Frautonium EP features each Weatherall version on one side of vinyl, with a rework by Ian Tregoning added to the fourth side.

Watch a video clip for the “Warehouse” remix below.

A Frautonium (Warehouse)
B Frautonium (Half-Life)
C Frautonium (Battery)
D1 Frautonium (Reactor)
D2 Frautonium (Lombok Remix By Ian Tregoning)



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