Butane, aka San Francisco-based Andrew Rasseis preparing to close his 2005-founded Alphahouse label.

It has already put out records from artists like Ryan Crosson, Ric Y Martin (Ricardo Villalobos & Dandy Jack) and Ion Ludwig, along with Butane himself.

Its 44th and final release, the Omega EP, sees the label founder collaborating with two longtime friends, Alexi Delano and Worldline, a vocalist and fashion designer living in Los Angeles.

“Sometimes in order to grow, you have to leave things behind,” Rasse says. “It’s time for a fresh start.”

Rasse is also going to launch a new imprint in July called Extrasketch.

It’ll come out on limited-edition vinyl in late June.

Listen to one of Omega‘s joint cuts from Rasse and Delano, “Jazz Lick.”


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