AC Slater has recently unveiled his brand new EP “I Wanna Show You“, just six months after his critically acclaimed debut album, “Outsiders“. The new three-track EP is out now via his own LA-based Night Bass label.

The Los Angeles House Music DJ and producer Aaron Clevenger, aka AC Slater, is renowned for combining elements of traditional house music with sounds from the UK garage genre, coming up with a new sound, the Night Bass. He then founded his label, named of course Night Bass.

With the first song, “I Wanna Show You“, he returns to a classic cut of bass house animated by piano melodies and drum machine break downs. In the track “Amen Tribe“, the DJ and producer decides to create a new tribal house genre infusing it with a multiple sonic elements. Lastly, “Can’t Come Down”, featuring the emerging artist from San Diego, Young Lyxx, Slater decided to combine the G-House with bass music.

Strem the EP here!


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