A giant, 100-foot-tall mirror ball is coming to this year’s edition of Burning Man.

Constructed by a group of artists and architects led by Danish architects Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange, the sphere called The Orb will be positioned at the centre of the Playa and will help “burners navigate the desert and find way. At night, the ORB will blend entirely into its surroundings and become part of the desert. The ORB is a tribute to mother earth and human expression – designed to easily inflate and deflate, leaving no trace on the Playa.

It’s scaled to 1/500,000 of the earth’s surface with a diameter of nearly 100 feet. Once completed, it will be supported by a 105 foot long inclined steel mast.

Now the architects have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $ 50,000 to finish the project.

The ORB is a mirror for earth lovers – reflecting the passing daytime, evolving life and other art works beneath it – a new planet to sci-fi fans, a wayfinder for travelers or just a huge disco ball to those who love a good party!” explain the project leaders.

Watch some teasers below!

Burning Man 2018 will take place from August 26th to September 3rd in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

This year’s art theme will be ‘I, Robot‘, focusing “on the many forms of artificial intelligence that permeate our lives; from the humble algorithm and its subroutines that sift us, sort us and surveil us, to automated forms of labor that supplant us. Are we entering a Golden Age that frees us all from mindless labor? Everything, it seems, depends on HMI, the Human-Machine Interface. In a world increasingly controlled by smart machines, who will be master and who will be the slave?

Make sure to join this incredible event by grabbing tickets here!


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