Yves De Mey will return to Inner Surface Music with a new album entitled ‘Neuroclaps‘ and he will release it under the name of Grey Branches.

According to the label the double LP sees the Belgian producer and artist “bringing together sounds and influences from techno, jungle, dub, experimental and ambient music“.

De Mey has already used the Grey Branches alias before: back in late 2014, he put out the ‘Lower Bounds‘ EP.

You find previews of the record here.

A1 Arches
A2 Acrylic Hunger
A3 Bevel
B1 Rushed Corrosion
B2 Automatic Gallows
C1 Split Limb
C2 Rammed
D1 Unpaced
D2 Neuroclaps
D3 Synthesis Swindle

Listen to Grey Branches‘ previous record, ‘Lower Bounds‘ EP, below!


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