Traxsource Announce A Reduction Of Prices!

The online music store made a complete overhaul of their pricing structure.

Traxsource, the online music store, have a news that will make the customers’ wallets very happy, they have made a complete overhaul of their pricing structure.

They reduced the prices of millions of tracks, singles, EPs, albums and compilations!

They released the news on Traxsource News, and these are the changes that we can expect from now on:

“• All Exclusive Promo tracks to cost $0.50 less than before.
 • A new ‘Classic’ tier, with track prices coming down by $0.50, 90 days after release.
 • Improved pricing on packages of 3 tracks or more, such as multiple-track Singles, EPs,     Albums and Compilations.
 • AIFF & WAV packages to be significantly more affordable – e.g. a 40-track compilation     will now cost $25.99, compared to our previous standard price of $55.99.”

Now go check out the new prices on their store and enjoy some music!


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