Three Michelin Stars are just about to land in Barcelona!

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Sónar 2017 reveals its big plans for this year’s gastronomic area: it will include menus served by three Michelin star chefs, Albert Raurich, from restaurant the Dos Palillos (Elisabets, 9. Barcelona) on Thursday, June 15; Victor Quintillà from Lluerna (Rafael Casanovas, 31. Santa Coloma) on Friday, June 16; and Xavier Pellicer from Céleris (Marimón, 5. Barcelona) on Saturday, June 17.

Each chef will create two exclusive festival menus devised especially for VIP Area, during the three days of Sónar by Day: a Menu consisting of an entree, a main course and a dessert and a Fast Menu, with a signature sandwich.

Let’s take a look at the Chefs!

Albert Raurich, succulent cuisine
Althought his trajectory includes several years as head chef at El Bulli, Albert Raurich’s cousine isn’t defined by El Bulli style. On the contrary; Raurich has completely changed his repertoire, confirming him reputation as a courageous and imaginative chef. Dos Palillos is a gastronomic restaurant, hiding behind what appears to be a neighbourhood bar in Barcelona’s Raval district, right next to the MACBA museum. A succulent proposition, with new flavours and textures, and a total devotion to quality of produce. Creative Japanese cuisine with some Thai influences, and wider oriental trends that are impossible to label. Albert is an unrivalled chef playing with nuances in acidity, spice and umami, and is inspired by his own rapaciousness and tastes. Cuisine with a capital C.
Philippe Regol, ‘Observación Gastronómica’.

Víctor Quintillà, a model of local cuisine
Making a name for yourself in the gastronomic scene with a restaurant located in Santa Coloma de Gramenet – on the outskirts of Barcelona – is no small feat. Quintillà has succeeded by striving with humility, defending local producers and seasonal food, while championing KM 0 and the slow food movement, and bringing science into the kitchen. Together with Mar Gomez, he is about to launch the new Lluerna, as well as the smaller restaurant ‘Verat’. Pure passion.
Pep Palau, ‘Gastronomic Forum’.

Xavier Pellicer, green cuisine in the heart of Barcelona
Xavier Pellicer is the very definition of a modern chef. Possessed of what the French term tour de main – a mastery of motion that allows him to elevate any food that he prepares to the highest category, however simple it may first appear. The very sophistication and skill that Pellicer has applied for years in the kitchens of internationally renowned high-end restaurants, he has now brought to the new restaurant ‘Céleri’; astutely reading present and future food trends and creating a healthy, produce focused and relaxed endeavour where the vegetable is the star.
Toni Massanés, ‘Alícia’.

Access to the VIP area is restricted to holders of the VIP Pass and the Sónar+D Delegate pass.

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