Steinberg Launches Cubase Version 9.5

Watch the video to know what's new!

Steinberg has announced a new version of Cubase, upgraded to 9.5.

Version 9.5 is finally available on Steinberg’s website. You can choose among Cubase Pro, Artist and Elements 9.5 for €579, €329 and €99.99 respectively. The revising work mostly appeals to three new sections, which are a new file browser, new metering and the Control Room. It is basically workflow-based, so that you can let your creativity grow and stream faster and faster.

The product comes with noticeable improvements, regarding the amount of inserts on each channel, new design for the most popular compressors and effects, a new 64-bit mixing engine and a Direct Offline Processing.

Automation has been updated, allowing you to create multiple automation curves. Another news is that you can now directly drop MIDI clips into a sampler, where they’re instantly rendered in audio.


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