Parisian producer Shiba San has joined forces with Chicago’s producer, singer and house icon Green Velvet, to create a brand new EP titled ‘Fearless’.

For the opening track “Chance“, the production adopts dark brooding tones, while EP title track “Fearless” showcases Shiba San’s highly-polished production skills. “Rise” offers a stark contrast, taking the listener on a journey through an emotive vocal monologue, while EP finale “Think” sees the duo indulge in rumbling tech-house sounds.

The ‘Fearless‘ EP, out now on Green Velvet’s Relief Records, follows Shiba’s previous 2017 successes, including his ‘Clean or Dirty’ EP on Riva Starr’s Brockwild label in August.

Listen to ‘Fearless‘ EP below!

1. Chance
2. Fearless
3. Rise
4. Think


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