RVNG to release Greg Fox’s ‘The Gradual Progression’

Coming out on the Brooklyn label in September

Greg Fox will release his next album, The Gradual Progression, on RVNG Intl. September 8th.

The Queens, New York-based drummer Greg Fox has been playing with acts like Liturgy, Guardian Alien and Zs around the city since the early ’00s.

He worked with veteran free jazz drummer Milford Graves to develop software that “translated output signals from biological sources to virtual instruments.” RVNG says the new record continues on with a similar concept, using a program called Sensory Percussion to trigger virtual instruments via Fox’s kit. The label cites jazz legends like Pharoah Sanders and Don Cherry as touchstones for The Gradual Progression.

The album follows 2017 RVNG releases such as Visible Cloaks’ RA Recommended LP Reassemblage and Peaceful Protest, an ambient compilation benefiting the LGBTQ Center Of Durham. Werth also launched a reissue-based sub-label called Freedom To Spend with Pete Swanson and Jed Bindeman earlier this year.


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