NMESH’s new album Pharma is coming!

Orange Milk will release Pharma in summer 2017!

Orange Milk will release the double cassette, which comes with remixes from Traxman and 食品まつり aka foodman.

Alex Koenig is a key member of the late-period vaporwave scene, known for his 2014 album, Dream Sequins, with the four-hour-plus Welcome To Warp Zone! and his two-hour FACT mix. Now he’s back with Pharma, his first album proper since Dream Sequins, which will come via Orange Milk on double cassette this summer.

Pharma features 26 new tracks from Koenig along with a set of 16 remixes from names like Traxman, 食品まつり a.k.a foodman, HKE, death dynamic shroud.wmv, Jade Statues and Diamondstein, and many others.

Watch the video for “NΞ1✪NΞ1.” here and have a look at the tracklist below!


Disc 1
01. Understand
02. NΞ1✪NΞ1
03. Fall Any Vegetable
04. Rangdang Slapjab
05. BΛSS///COP™
06. Vault Maintenance 700 CMC (Black Swan Dub)
07. Cut Scene 5230-4968 Albatross 0923-1874
08. White Lodge Simulation
09. High Speed Adjustable Broiler
10. Tiny Classified Ads
11. Acid Baby (Narr. Tony Bamanaboni)
12. PBS Ancillary Rack Room
13. Cocktails In Space
14. Pants-A-Thon @ SQUAREBASE
15. Mall Full Of Drugs
16. Phase 1 Lvl Snap Chill
17. Everyone Will Flake Out
18. The Program (You Are Stars)
19. Workalude
20. /////LD-99/////
21. Weed Jesus
22. Twilight Meridian
23. Milk Channel
25. Hepatic Portal
26. Left Alone In A Blue Room

Disc 2
01. White Lodge Simulation (Odd Nosdam Remix)
02. Fall Any Vegetable (食品まつり a.k.a foodman Remix)
03. NΞ1✪NΞ1 (Jacob 2-2 RMX)
04. Mall Full Of Drugs (Traxman’s High As Hell remixx)
05. Weed Jesus (Giganta Remix)
06. Mall Full Of Drugs (Rebuilt By Humanoid)
07. Twilight Meridian (GOLDEN LIVING ROOM Remix)
08. Tiny Classified Ads (FIRE-TOOLZ Effexor Withdrawal Remix)
09. White Lodge Simulation (VAPERROR Remix)
10. PBS Ancillary Rack Room (Diamondstein Remix)
11. Twilight Meridian (Jade Statues Remix)
12. Hepatic Portal (death dynamic shroud.wmv’s NUWRLD Version)
13. Mall Full Of Drugs (HKE Remix)
14. Acid Baby (Hyphyskazerbox’s Trippy Mane Mix)
15. /////LD-99///// (djwwww Remix)
16. Left Alone In A Blue Room (Obama420 SCHALk ReM1XXX)


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