MUTEK Lands In The US

It will be implanted for the first time in the United States with a San Francisco edition.

MUTEK, the international festival of digital creativity and electronic music, has announced its first expansion to the US in the spring of 2018. Originally from Montreal, the event has already expanded from Canada to Mexico city, Tokyo, Barcelona and, recently, Buenos Aires and Dubai.

The news comes from a MUTEK representative, who confirmed the San Francisco edition with an Instagram post (see it below).

Anyone else see these Mutek SF things around the city…?

Un post condiviso da Tyrel Williams (@tyrelwilliams) in data:

More details will be arriving later this year.

MUTEK has also recently announced its decision to momentarily suspend ticket sales after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico City and surrounding areas a few weeks ago. The event has also called to people to aid victims of the catastrophe and to donate to Mexico’s Red Cross.


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