When Music comes to hand for a good cause: raising money for the Grenfell Tower victims

The location will stay secret until Saturday

Save the date for Saturday, June the 24th! Starting at 11:30am the found raising event for Grenfell Tower victims will be visible on live streaming on Facebook and broadcasting on air, showcasing artists until 9pm.

The event organizers commented: “We are very sensitive to the fact that people have lost families and friends and felt holding a “rave” was not appropriate, however we and everyone associated with Conscious wanted to raise money as that is what Conscious is all about! Music can help unite people and thats what we want to do is use music for a day to help raise money for these poor families who have been left with nothing and lost so much more than materialistic things.”

The funding will raise money to go towards activities for the children affected by the fire over the next few months.

The organizers will be working with Amanda Blondina Nash and local community groups to make sure to reach the families who need this the most.


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