Moritz Von Oswald and Kyrgyzstan collective Ordo Sakhna have joined forces for a new collaborative LP released via Honest Jon’s Records. The album, which is considered as an “intimate scrapbook” is out now.

The musical collective is based in Bishkek and declares to be “devoted to the roots music of Kyrgyzstan.” The 14 tracks were recorded between Berlin and Bishkek.

Listen to the album here.

01. Koirong Ku
02. Koichulrdyn Kongur Kuu
03. Drums
04. Fragments
05. Tushumdo
06. Facets
07. Mash Kambarkan
08. Talasym
09. Kolkhoz
10. Kechteri
11. Bishkek, May 2016
12. Draught
13. Draught Dub
14. Improvisation


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