Moog Music, the American company which manufactures electronic musical instruments, has launched Moog Recordings Library, a new label that will release limited editions LPs of recorded music, sessions, concerts and audio experiments in the UK Moog Sound Lab.

Moog Recordings Library launches on June 8th with three releases from techno artist Hieroglyphic Being, house veterans The Grid and Pan Sonic co-founder Mika Vainio, the Finnish experimental icon who passed away one year ago.

The three records will come separately and as a single package, they’ll feature “Lydspor“, one of Mika Vainio’s last known solo studio recordings composed of two 20-minute pieces produced with centerpiece System 55 modular setup. The second release is Hieroglyphic Being’s “The Replicant Dream Sequence“, an eight-track record considered as a “21st century Afro-Futurism to the max“. And lastly there’s “One Way Traffic“, by David Ball and Richard Norris‘ British electronic dance group, The Grid.

Listen to the extract of the three releases below!


Mika Vainio – Lydspor (Blue TB7 Series)
01. Lydspor (Part 1)
02. Lydspor (Part 2)

Hieroglyphic Being – The Replicant Dream Sequence (Blue PA14 Series)
01. Seq 1
02. Seq 2
03. Seq 3
04. Seq 4
05. Seq 5
06. Seq 6
07. Seq 7
08. Seq 8

The Grid – One Way Traffic (Blue TB7 Series)
01. One Way Traffic
02. Test One
03. Disturbia
04. Goldenfilter
05. ECG
06. DPM


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