Maya Jane Coles has dropped a brand new EP titled Waves & Whirlwinds via her very own label I/AM/ME.

Inaugural title track ‘Waves & Whirlwinds’ provides a melodic and celestial intro to her new EP project. Moving forward, former singleDon’t Leave’ – which was released last month alongside Coles’ latest track ‘Foundation‘ under her darker alias Nocturnal Sunshine – introduces guitar-like synth lines and droning bass, building in pace and tempo to create an inescapable sense of anticipation.

With an eerie and sinister feel, third track and single ‘Other Side’ forms the peak of the EP, elevating a bass driven house rhythm, with peculiar, angelic vocals. Onwards and upwards into ‘Visionary’, where Coles lays out uplifting, driving synth chords peppered with signature droning dubby bass and subtle elements of funk.

Leading into ‘Isolate’, Coles plunges into the depths of her darker side. Signing off the EP with deep and dark, broken percussion and distorted vocal sounds, manifesting in a wholly sinister, downtempo experience.

Listen to Waves & Whirlwinds EP and buy or stream it here!

01. Waves & Whirlwinds
02. Don’t Leave
03. Other Side
04. Visionary
05. Isolate


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