Inner City, formed by DJ and producer Kevin Saunderson and the vocalist Paris Gray, is known by many for his hits ‘Big Fun’ and ‘Good Life’, tracks that made them lead the worldwide dance music charts. With a thirty years career and a new member, Dantiez, the Detroit band seeks to reinvent itself and keep evolving.

For the first time in 20 years, the trio has confirmed a series of live presentations outside the United States. They also announced that there is new music on the horizon, which marks a new and exciting stage for them.

“My vision for Inner City is not just to be an influential group of the past, but to become a group of today and look to the future. We have an enormous catalog of classics from our previous years and now we are moving and shaping a new sound for a new generation. There will always be a place for our music, people will always want to feel uplifted and it does just that. I believe our music has filled this void for 30 years and kept us in tune with the future generations. Now with my son Dantiez by my side we head into the future with great music for years to come”, Saunderson commented.

Kevin Saunderson modifies his favourite Inner City remixes together with his son and creative protégé Dantiez who is now a permanent member of the groupThe pair give each track a fresh lick of paint for 2019 adding fuel to Inner City’s 30th Anniversary. It features six Inner City edits of classic remixes from Kenney LarkinCarl Craig, and House of Virus. Plus two fresh remixes from House of Virus & Inner City and Samuel L Session & Van Czar.

Listen below to their latest productions below:

The celebration of Inner City’s 30 years will begin with a Spring/Summer tour that will take them to different festivals and clubs around the world, starting at the European continent.

Head to their website for more!



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