Detroit City Council has recognised several artists—including K-HAND, Kyle Hall and Jay Daniel—for their contributions to electronic music.

K-HAND, AKA Kelli Hand, was awarded the city’s Testimonial Resolution, a biographical certificate that lists the accomplishments of a person or organisation, at a ceremony that took place at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Centre on Tuesday.

The techno artist’s and her 1994 12-inch, Global Warning, for Warp Records, are cited in the resolution. The award refers to the artist as “The First Lady Of Detroit,” acknowledging her role as a techno pioneer and “her skills within a male-dominated industry.”

Kyle Hall and Jay Daniel received the Spirit Of Detroit Award, which recognises the “outstanding achievements” of citizens.

The late Ken Collier, who passed away in 1996, was given a posthumous Testimonial Resolution.

“Techno and house music have been integral pieces of Detroit’s vibrant musical history,” councilman Scott Benson told Resident Advisor. “I am honored to pay respect to these pioneers and recognise techno for its critical contributions to Detroit’s legendary musical tapestry.” 


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