Joe Smooth And Screamin’ Rachael Introduce “I Am House Music”

A package of 5 excessive mixes by Moussa Clarke and Zak Gee, Sascha Dive, Sam Sky, Sonny Francini and Carmelo Carone!

Joe Smooth, the American producer and DJ, considered also as one of the pioneers of the House Music genre, teamed up with Rachael Cain, aka Screamin’ Rachael the “Queen of House” to produce “I Am House Music“.

This production, out via TRAX Records, is a set of 5 excessive mixes that have been developed in their own style (Jackin House, Classic, Acid, Tech House, Deep, Urban Techno, etc), experience and creative musical concept by great artists such as Moussa Clarke with his friend and co-worker Zak Gee, Sascha Dive, Sam Sky and Sonny Francini.


1. Music Box Mix
2. Carmelo Carone Mix
3. Moussa Clarke and Zak Gee Mix
4. Sam Sky Mix
5. Sascha Dive Chi-Town Mix
6. Sonny Francini on the Snow Mix

Stream “I Am House Music” here!


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