House Of Frankie meets Mark Stone at Southport Weekender Festival 2017

A small talk with Mark Stone regarding the festival, technology and his heavy schedule.

Mark Stone is a DJ, producer and remixer, born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. At the age of 7, he was enrolled at the Music Academy for percussion lessons. However, time passed by and Mark‘s passion for beats and rhythm grew. Mark‘s first DJ gig was at the old Bell Company Tower in Basel in 1994, but it was only when he got the chance to play a set in the renowned club Downstairs that his DJ career really kicked off. In 2004 he co-founded the UDM Radio Show and went on air for the first Time. This is Mark Stone‘s weekly mixed sound selection of the hottest and newest in soulful and NY House, with an international guest DJ every week. The UDM Show has also been the proud “Official Media Partner” of the Southport Weekender for many years and during the summer he is also resident DJ at the SUNcéBeat Festival Croatia.

Here is the interview with Mark by our man in London Randy Peterson.

R: Hello and welcome, my name is Randy Peterson, for House Of Frankie and I’m here at Southport Weekender, in London, Finsbury Park, and I have been joined by Mark Stone! Hi, how are you? Thank you for joining us!

M: Thank you for having me!

R: What do you think of the festival so far?

M: Actually, I just came in, haven’t seen much of the festival yet, just played my set now, the tent was super crowded. Positive thing is that the weather is awesome! Usually in London it’s rainy, today instead it’s a wonderful day.

R: We also heard part of your set, the crowd seemed hyped! Did you enjoy that as well?

M: Totally, I enjoy it every time I play for the Southport Weekender, they are family! Same for the SuncéBeat family, of course! For me it’s always a special thing I am happy to be a part of.

R: Of course! So as a performer where do you prefer to play, do you prefer festivals or the clubs’ scene?

M: I actually like them both! You know, the festivals have that summer vibe, lots of people, the clubs are a little bit more intimate, with a small community.

R: I completely understand! Let’s talk about technology! As a DJ what kind of equipment do you prefer, do you prefer laptops, CDJ, old-school turntables..?

M: Believe me, I am a really old school DJ, because, let me tell you something: I used CDs one year ago, than I changed to USB sticks, every DJ changed to USB and I don’t find this shit flexible.. So yeah, I stick to my USB sticks!

R: Yeah, I get it, I don’t like it either! Where do you play at the moment? Where can we catch you this summer? I know you have a heavy schedule

M: Yeah, I do, I recently played in Liverpool, I took part to Disco Festival, I was playing in Lisbon last weekend, and then I played in Ibiza. As far as what concerns the future I will be playing again in Portugal and then SuncéBeat! Been there for seven years, I am happy to be back, the first one I took part to was its second edition, this is the 8th, it is great to see it getting bigger and bigger every year! It is great to have the whole soulful family together, and then being here in London, still the number one!

R: Of course! Yeah, it is great, everyone comes here! That’s really good! So Mark, could you tell us one big tune for you at the moment? I am sure you got many, you have been playing a lot, but could you tell us one big tune for you at the moment?

M: Oh I have so many! I’d say I have one track, it’s not a new one though, it is Rhemi’s Warning! This track still does the business for me!

R: Thank you Alex for the great interview! Cheers!

M: Thank you guys! Good to see you!


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