House Of Frankie meets Natasha Kitty Katt at Southport Weekender Festival 2017

We had the pleasure to meet Natasha Kitty Katt during Southport Weekender Festival 2017 in London and had a chat with her.

Born and raised in Edinburgh into a soul music obsessed family, Natasha Kitty Katt was introduced to rare Soul, Funk, Boogie and Rare Disco from a young age.
Since 2012, Natasha has been busy spinning her eclectic blend of soul and disco centric music at various clubs and festivals including: Southport Weekender 52, SuncéBeat 6 / SuncéBeat 7 (Croatia), Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), Mousai (Philadelphia, US), Winter Music Conference – Do You Wanna Boogie? (Miami), 360 (Dubai), Liverpool Disco Festival, Bolsoul (Croatia), T in the Park, Da Vutii Gathering (Croatia), London Rooftop Party (Oval Space), South London Soul Train, Soul Manor, Boogie Café – Love Inn (Bristol), Winter Music Festival – (Germany), EH1 Music Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Soul Obsession Weekender, Louie Vega Flashback Party – Constellations – (Liverpool), Ladies on Rotation (Resident), Nightfilm, Dope Disco (London), Sub Club (Glasgow) Suite Soul, Club 9, Hector’s House, 99 Hanover, Cabaret Voltaire (Resident), Fabric (Glasgow), Ace Hotel (London), The Hoochie Coochie Club (Newcastle), Milk (Reading), Bla (Oslo, Norway) and has had the privilege of spinning alongside the likes of Louie Vega, Joey Negro, Osunlade, Sadar Bahar, Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Groove Assassin, Sean McCabe, Fingerman, Ronnie Herel, Mad Mats, DJ Spen and many others.
She is also the co-host of the popular ‘The Ghetto Disco Show’ fortnightly radio show Starpoint Radio which has developed a reputation for high quality interviews with artists such as Leroy Burgess, James Mason, Lenny Williams and Melba Moore as well as showcasing rare disco, boogie and modern soul alongside the occasional classic and the higher quality end of the disco edit genre.
Following on from the radio show’s success, Natasha and her father Dennis have launched Ghetto Disco Records in February. With incredible artists on the line up and high demand, this label is set to take off.

Here is the interview with DJ Natasha by our man in London Randy Peterson.

R: Hello and welcome, my name is Randy Peterson, for HOF and I’m here at Southport Weekender, in London, Finsbury Park, and I have been joined by the extraordinaire DJ Natasha Kitty Katt! Hi, how are you? Thank you for joining us!

N: You have been far too kind to start! Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be here!

R: What do you think of the festival so far?

N: I love it! It’s so diverse and so big! When I walked in I went in the wrong direction! I mean the vibes are great, and everyone thought we were gonna get rain, and instead there’s a great sunshine!

R: So, as a performer where do you prefer to play, do you prefer festivals or the clubs’ scene? If you have a preference of course.

N: Actually, I’d say they are both equal to me, as far as there’s someone passionate about the music listening the numbers don’t really matter to me. I am just so grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

R: Let’s talk about technology! As a DJ what kind of equipment do you prefer, do you prefer laptops, CDJ, old-school turntables..?

N: When I play, I prefer CDJs, but that’s purely because my arms aren’t the strongest, so if I had to carry vinyls it would be hard. But I still collect vinyl, I am obsessed with them, thanks to my father!

R: So, I heard you have been producing!

N: I do! I have some stuff coming out of my own label and then a couple of new singles from me.. no pressure! (laughing)

R: Not at all! That’s great! Where can we catch you this summer?

N: Well after this I am gonna be at ocean beat on July the 7th, and then SuncéBeat.

R: Natasha, thank you for joining us! House of Frankie here!

N: Thank you guys for the interview! This was fun!



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