House Of Frankie Meets Kenny Carpenter At ADE 2017

During our visit at Amsterdam Dance Event 2017 we had the pleasure to meet the extraordinaire DJ Kenny Carpenter.

Kenny Carpenter is a Native New Yorker but his sets can be heard worldwide, including England, Italy, France, Germany, Greece and Switzerland.

In the mid-late 70’s, and early 80’s Kenny Carpenter was in ever-present attendance when the NYC underground gay club scene emerged from it’s womb of rhythmic integration. As an original Brooklyn resident he watched, listened and learned from some of the best DJ’s before becoming serious about playing music himself. At that point he devised a plan for his future. Some of his biggest mentors & idols at the time included the likes of Nicky Siano, Tee Scott, Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Patterson and David Mancuso.

In the year 1975 Kenny Carpenter’s early club experiences lead to his employment as a light technician at the then famous Galaxy 21 on West 23rd Street and at The Inferno on West 19th Street in NYC. Still hungry for the decks he moved on to spinning records first in small venues, and then inevitably to a Saturday Night Residency in the forever famous, infamous and world renowned STUDIO 54 on West 54th Street. After its closing, Kenny was hired as the Saturday Night Resident DJ in a venue the size of an airplane hanger, the 5,000 person capacity Bond’s International Casino on West 45th Street in the heart of Times Square. His resulting popularity and increasing fame led to international opportunities in countries such as Japan, Israel, France, Spain and England spinning regular guest spots at what was and still is the most famous club in London, The Ministry Of Sound.

Some of his then biggest contemporaries, and still friends to this day, include Francois Kevorkian, David Morales, Louie Vega, Tony Humphries and Tedd Patterson. He also has done a few productions for recording artists the likes of Shaun Escoffery, Wendy Lewis, Kenny Bobien, and Barbara Tucker. He continues to produce music and he has forged a working relationship with the talented DJ Spen, Teddy Douglas and Tony Humphries He has had several top charting releases on Tony Records and he has big releases planed for Quantize Records Including “Reach For It” by Jasper Street Company and an Eddie Kendricks Cover called “He’s A Friend” by DJ Spen & Kenny Bobien.


We had a conversation with Kenny Carpenter at our party with Soulstice Music at The Tara, during Amsterdam Dance Event 2017.



House of Frankie, Amsterdam, ADE 22nd edition 2017.

Good evening, my name’s Randy Peterson from HOF and I’m here at the 2017 ADE festival in Amsterdam with the legendary DJ and producer Kenny Carpenter. Kenny, so good to have you Sir, thank you very much for joining us. So what do you think of ADE so far, I know it has been the first day, but what do you think so far?

I’ve just arrived but I’m sure this is gonna be just as fantastic as has been for the last years, it’s gonna be wonderful. It’s good to be here representing Soulstice Records and my guys Mark Di Meo and Gerardo.

Wonderful, so Kenny could you tell me where else you’re going to play at the ADE festival, what’s your plan?

Tomorrow I’m doing a party at ClubNL with Joe Smooth and then I’m off, Friday I’ve got to go to Milan.

So tell me Kenny, just briefly can you give us a rundown of how you started DJing and producing, I know you’ve been doing this for a very long time but if you could just give us a brief rundown on how you got into everything.

Well you know I have an agent, his name is Maurizio Clemente and, when I first decided to start producing in like 2000/2003 he gave me some vocals that were on release that I could work on, and that’s when I really started producing. But I’ve started as a DJ and I’ve been a DJ all my life so you know, that conversation is kind of long for three questions. But I can tell you I started from 14/15 (years old) and it’s up until now.

Well that’s beautiful. Kenny can you tell us what you’re going to do after the festival, what are your plans production wise and as a DJ.

Well as you know I opened a new label, I have my own label now called KC Recordings, and I have three singles out. The last twos is the one with Cinnamon Brown called “Two Size” that I produced with her, and the latest one is the song that i wrote with Leroy Burgess called “More Love“, and Spen got a fantastic remix on it.

Sounds like a big package. When is that coming out? Is that out now or is that coming out soon?

The album track’s out now and I’ve also remixed a song from Louie Vega’s album with Louie Vega’s latest remix package from his LP.

Is that “Magical Ride”, am I right saying that?

It’s “Magical Ride” by N’Dea Davenport. Both of them are charting well so I’m pleased of what’s going on and I’m looking forward for even better things in the future.

Just one last question Kenny, can you tell me your favourite track of the moment, it could be one of your own, it could be someone else’s.

You know I have to say that at the moment is this track that’s “Stairway To Heaven” on Quantize Records, have you heard it?

Of Richard Burton? Massive, massive.

So, every time I hear it I want to cry, you know what I’m saying? You don’t hear nobody jamming because, you know those new boys, they don’t know how to play, they don’t now how to feel something like that, you know what I say?

That’s a big track, I love that track.

It’s not new, but they recently released another package that they remastered in, and it sounds even better than the original. That sound spin Thommy from his mouth, I put a lot of work into mixing and producing that song, you know what I’m saying, it’s that it was not easy. So i feel it when I play it.

I’m sure it wasn’t.

And it’s got to be the right time for a song like that too.

Sure you got to put it in at the right moment. Well Kenny, thanks for the interview, I really appreciate that, from HOF good luck and have a good time at the ADE festival!

Kenny Carpenter on Traxsource


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