Hans Zimmer is this year’s revelation at Coachella!

The Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer made his Coachella debut with a live orchestra, performing this compositions for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight, and Inception.

The German composer and record producer hypnotized the Californian party goers with his unique sound and we couldn’t expect less with his two Grammy Awards (Crimson Tide and The Dark Knight), two Golden Globes (The Lion King and Gladiator) and an Academy Award (The Lion King). In the past he has also received 7 Academy Award Nominations and 8 Golden Globe Nominations.

Zimmer performs live fairly often, but this was his first music festival. Following this exceptional performance there will be a Hans Zimmer Live World Tour, starting on May 16 in Helsinki.

You can get tour’s infos and tickets here!


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