The Frankie Knuckles Foundation invites you to visit the legend’s record collection

The collection includes more than 5,000 records the Godfather of House used in his world-changing mixes.

The Frankie Knuckles Foundation recently shared a video expressing what the record collection of the legendary DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles, now at Theaster Gates’s Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago, stands for.

The foundation was established so to protect Knuckles’ legacy and raise money for a variety of causes that were close to the legend’s heart, including music in school, LGBTQ youth homelessness, diabetes research, and more.

As “The Godfather Of House Music” Frankie Knuckles helped establish the genre’s presence on dance floors around the world. Now this priceless collection offers an access into his world.

“The collection is meant to be felt… Our hope is to attract world class DJs and local DJs, who are the scholars of house, and invite them to pump the music as hard as they can, to be in the spirit of Frankie Knuckles and share that with this neighborhood, our city and the world.”

Frederick Dunson, executive director of the Frankie Knuckles Foundation, checks out a 1979 promotional copy of the Ish single “Don’t Stop” from his old friend’s collection.
Some of the records part of the huge collection.

More infos on The Frankie Knuckles Foundation’s website.

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