In Conversation with Pablo Fierro

We had the pleasure to meet DJ Pablo Fierro during his visit to our headquarters in Milan!

Pablo Fierro is a producer, musician and DJ, born and raised in the Canary Islands, Spain. His music is defined as tropical, electromagnetic, and powerful. Pablo is the founder of Vida Records, one of the prominent Global Club Music record labels, releasing the best of tropical sounds. His music is featured on top record labels such as Warner Music, Defected Records, Atjazz Record Company, Kingstreet and G-Rex.

Pablo’s music can also be found in films produced by some of the most recognized directors of Spanish Cinematography such as Bigas Luna. His accolades have him appearing on National Television through TVE. Moreover, his music has been featured on compilations such as Bar Grooves, Defected’s Most Rated and Buddha Bar. His remix of Zultan was TRAXSOURCE’s #2 top track of the annual TOP 100 of 2014. The track is still being charted and it’s been more than a year since its release.

Pablo writes his own lyrics and plays his own instruments, mastering guitar, bass, percussion and keyboard with added layers of electronic goodness. Those of you who have been to one of his recent performances know that it’s more than just a DJ set.

Pablo is ready to show the world all of his energy and passion through what he loves to do most: MUSICA!

Pablo Fierro in our headquarters!


Hello and welcome to House Of Frankie, Underground Radio in Milan, Italy. I have been joined by the extraordinaire DJ, musician and producer Pablo Fierro! Hi, how are you? Thank you for joining us!

So, here’s the first question: How did you start your career as a DJ and musician? What kind of music did you listen to when you were younger?

Thank you first of all for inviting me at the Radio. Yeah I started at 16 years old with my father, because is a famous guitar player in Spain.
I started very young producing and composing my own songs, and than my brother, he’s also a great DJ in Spain and he taught me so much about electronic music. I’m very happy to be here!

You are the founder of the Vida Records. How did you get the idea for this project?

Vida Records started about 5 years ago, I started the project with Sandra Gonzaes. We started the project to create something new in this industry. This year it’s our fifth, we are very happy because we release a lot of great artists on this label, it’s one of the most important labels in the Afro House. Yeah, we’re very happy! 5 years… let’s get to 10!

What’s your background? What artist do you identify with the most?

We have a lot of great artists, I love all kinds of music, especially folk music, but my father and than my brother too, were my biggest references in music. Famous artists I love were Michael Jackson, Tito Puente in the latin music industry, Bob Marley! Yeah… music is all about soul and love and those are the kind of artists I love.

You are an artist from the Afro-house scene. How much did this scene change from the beginning of your career until now?

Actually a lot because I started making more deep house music, more underground, but in time I started composing more Afro House music, which I believe it’s more of a life style, because it’s not only about music, but also about feelings, and of course this changed my life a lot, because I met great people, I visited great places… I just love it!

What do you think of the European underground music scene, and in particular of the Italian one?

Well Italy has so many great producers in the history of music. Not only in the electronic music scene, but also in dance music. I think Italians have the latin flavour in their blood, this is something that makes me recognize, when I hear something, if it’s Italian, Spanish or from Latin America, because those places have the real groove that I love.

Pablo, you write your own lyrics and play your own instruments, mastering guitar, bass, percussion and keyboards… How important do you think it is to play your own music in order to deliver a high-quality product in the underground music field?

I think it’s very important to improve your career. My self, as a musician I learned how to play, not all the instruments, because they are too many, but  for example guitar, percussions, bass, the piano, and I think this is very important because it’s necessary to be complete in the music. When you remix you need to put in the track all your influence and being able to play your instruments is a great way to do that.

Tonight, you will perform at 4cento here in Milan… One of the Italian city which is becoming really preeminent in the underground scene. What do you think of it?

It’s my first time here in Milan, I have many friends that play here, I’m very happy I came. I think it’s very important to the electronic and afro house music scene because I don’t know many clubs where you can go and listen to that kind of music, so 4CENTO is a great place to go and enjoy this genre.

Our digital platform, House of Frankie, was born as a project dedicated to Frankie Knuckles, and more in general, as a tribute to house music. Do you have any memory of him?

Well Frankie is a legend and legends never die! He is a great reference for all of us! I never had the opportunity to meet him, but I believe he’s one of the best musician, DJ and producer ever! Frankie Knuckles, always!

So, last question: what’s next for you, What else have you got coming up?

Well, right now I am preparing in the electronic and afro house music world my next Ep, but I honestly don’t know when it’s coming out because I’d like to take my time to prepare to create it. For the pop music world instead I have a project in collaboration with Los Tailor music, a little company we created with Antonio Rallo, one of the most important producers in the latin music industry. We’re based in Madrid, we have a lot of big projects, lot of great latin artists and I think we have great music coming out this year.

Thank you Pablo for the great interview! Hope to see you soon, Cheers!

Thank you! Hope everyone will come to 4CENTO tonight, it will be amazing!

Pablo Fierro behind our brand new Pioneer Dj Console

Listen to Pablo Fierro’s latest tracks here:

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