MoBlack (real name Mimmo Falcone) is an Italian DJ/producer, record label owner and music influencer. He is responsible in large part for the hype the genre Afro House is having worldwide.
MoBlack biggest supporters are: Black Coffee, Ame x Dixon, Solomun, Osunlade, &ME, Rampa, Pete Tong, David Morales, Simon Dunmore and Brian Tappert just to mention a few. MoBlack started djing at very early age plus years of experience in FM local radios and 10 years of experience of living in Africa (Ghana) completed his huge and unique musical background. Since his arrive in Africa in 2003, Mimmo has played and shared his faith in sound with local artists.

MoBlack project was conceived in Ghana in 2012. In Twi, the major language spoken in Ghana, Mo means “Well done/Congratulation”. MoBlack continues today with his productions and his label to bless us with nothing but the best in afro house music, with the eclectic selection of tracks representing the many different flavors afro house music has to offer.

In July 2017 MoBlack launches a brand new concept label “MoDef” – a collaboration with the legendary David Morales.

For me MoBlack Records is a new strong label that is representing the underground. And I like a lot of their music that they are releasing“. David Morales.

MoBlack on Traxsource


Mark Di Meo is an International DJ, Producer, Remixer and Soulstice Music Label CEO.
Mark has played alongside some of the greatest artists such as Louie Vega, Terry Hunter, Joe Claussell, Kenny Dope, Hector Romero, Dj Meme, Mr V and many others, receiving also great response from legends like Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Louie Vega, Hector Romero, Kenny Carpenter, Victor Simonelli, Paul Trouble Anderson and so on.

Mark is also the creator and organizer of “Soulstice Music Celebration“, “House of Vibes” and “Suevian” which are some of the biggest Soulful & Deep House Parties in Italy and all over the world (Miami WMC, ADE Amsterdam…).

Currently he’s working with some of the best House labels in the world like Quantize (Dj Spen’s Label), Solid Ground, King Street Sounds, Reel People Music, Tony Records, United Music Records, Sedsoul, GottaKeepFaith, and the list goes on…

Mark Di Meo on Traxsource



Two Italians with a great responsibility, being A&R Managers at Traxsource.

Hi Mark, hi Mimmo!

Mimmo, you are in charge of Traxsource’s Afro House section, would you tell us how you started your career and how you got this remarkable role?

This was my pathway: DJ > producer > label owner > A&R Manager at Traxsource, Afro House division.
I started many years ago as a DJ, and then, starting from 2012 my project ‘MoBlack‘ as a producer has taken off. About a year later, in December 2013 I founded my label MoBlack Records. I gained this position at Traxsource in July 2016 thanks to the success I was having since the beginning of his career with the Afro House genre through my own label.

Mark, you started your career as a producer several years ago, encouraging your passion for music since you were a child. Would you tell us something about yourself and how did you become manager at Traxsource’s Soulful House division?

First of all, I would like to thank you for this interview! Let’s say that since I started playing music, I’ve always been very fond of Soulful House. Then, there was a succession of events, from productions to parties at Soulstice Music label, and now this important role as a A&R Soulful House Manager at Traxsource. As to that, I simply submitted my application – they already knew me as a producer – then, I’ve been approached by them a few days later. After a while, they arranged a meeting. In the end, it all turned out well!

Mimmo, what do you think of today’s Afro House scene compared with the past one?

Afro House has been expressing itself at best in the last 3-4 years. It has been reaching both new heights in terms of sales and charts and clubs and venues it has never seen before, becoming a mainstream genre. During the last year, this genre engaged DJs, artists, labels and stores all around the world who never played, produced, published or identify Afro House as a proper genre. So today, Afro House still has a lot to say.

Mark, you got the chance to meet Frankie. Not only had you two a working relationship but also were good friends. Would you like to tell us something about Frankie and how much did he influence your career both as a producer and a Traxsource’s A&R Manager?

I can tell Frankie was like a big brother, he always gave me advices and he also strongly influenced my life in so many ways, especially in terms of music. As to Traxsource, I have my own vision over Soulful House, which was strengthened over the years thanks to my work both behind the console and in studio, but definitely also following in the footsteps of personalities like Frankie.

Mimmo, you come from Naples. How important this city has been and still is today to the Italian and International Underground scene?

Naples and its DJs, producers, promoters and events has always been important for both the Italian and International Underground scene. My project ‘MoBlack‘ has been conceived and achieved when I was living in Ghana (West Africa). And today I’m happy to work as a DJ, record producer and Traxsource’s manager in my own city, and so, being able through this to ensure Naples influences the underground scene and to put it in a more and more relevant spot in the scene.

Mark, you’re from Termoli but you now work and live in Los Angeles. How important was for you to move in one of the most important city in the world for music, cinema and art in general?

Moving from Milan to Los Angeles has been really essential for my career and professional growth. Besides, I can say that today I’ve widen my view on music in general. In few words, I feel really complete and this is a really important as an artist.

Mimmo and Mark, let’s talk about the big Traxsource family. What are your projects concerning your A&R Manager activity? Are there any artists or tracks you really think make the difference?

Mimmo: We have a lot of projects but there are also many elements involved which can dictate an artist or track’s success or flop. The goal of our A&R Manager activity is to influence the international underground scene with good music, discover new talents, connect artists, and expose them to an international audience. Traxsource is a download store with the heart of an independent label, and this ethos is the reason why it is a great fit.

Mark: You couldn’t find a better way to define us! Yes, ’cause Traxsource is a real family composed of experts in this field, from producers, DJs and people with a high cultural level in terms of music, and among all these, Sheldon being one of them (Director/Head of A&R). Right now, I have to stay focused on the international Soulful House scene rather than on projects. In particular, I have to understand what might be of interest on the market, of course without ever overlooking quality. There are lots of artists inside the new Soulful House scene we are paying special attention on, supporting those who deserve it. It’s an important task, we do believe in the future, and this is essential.

What do you think about our project House of Frankie Underground Radio & Magazine?

Mimmo: I think House of Frankie Radio & Magazine’s project is one of the few Italian and international institution spreading the underground scene and telling it in an honest way.

Mark: HOF is an important project, made by people who love ad respect music, and that’s exactly why many DJs and producers decided to work in it. Frankie would be proud of you guys.

Thank you guys! Keep up the good work!



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