Check Out The First Virtual Reality DJ Mixing App Here!

Mix your music in virtual reality!

EntroPi Games has launched Vinyl Reality, the world’s first DJ mixing application designed specifically for virtual reality.

The German independent game development studio even consulted several professional DJs to improve the accuracy of the software.

“Developed in Berlin, the European capital of electronic music, with feedback from professional DJs, Vinyl Reality aims to provide an accurate and realistic simulation of DJing with vinyl inside virtual reality,” says the company.

You can play music by “manipulating” two turntables and a two-channel mixer along with the help of a VR headset and two VR controllers. Plus, you can also stream live performances and record and export mixes.

Check out all the key features below!

Key Features

  • Two accurately modeled turntables with realistic behavior
  • Fully-featured 2-channel DJ mixer with per channel EQ, PFL and gain
  • Record case to browse and load your own audio tracks (mp3)
  • Unique virtual headphones system to preview cued channels
  • Accurate and intuitive motion controls
  • Separate audio output for live streams or performances
  • Record and export your mixes to wave files

Virtual Reality is available now here.



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