Beatport Acquired Pulselocker For Its Patented “Locker” Technology

The software allows users to access to music library without an internet connection.

The online electronic music store Beatport acquired Pulselocker, the music streaming service built for DJs.

Last November Pulselocker announced: “due to a combination of market circumstances and financial constraints, we must re-organize our current structure if we are to successfully serve you in the future. After exhaustively searching for alternatives, we have made the extremely hard decision to shut down our operations.

But they didn’t really shut down, because Beatport came up with the idea of acquiring the streaming service. The reason behind this purchase lies in the patented “locker” technology, which allows DJs to access an integrated cache of tracks from the cloud without an internet connection with programs like Serato and rekordbox. The system enables also rights holders to track and calculate royalty payments.

Beatport CEO Robb McDaniels stated: “Pulselocker spent years developing an innovative solution that provides DJs with the flexibility to access the content they want when they want it – all through the DJ software they want to use – while providing copyright holders with the security and tracking mechanisms to calculate royalty payments. Beatport is committed to delivering the best tools to create a more seamless and interoperable user experience for our massive ecosystem of DJs, and Pulselocker accelerates our timeline to deliver just that type of product.


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