Bastian Bux Is Back on Suara to Deliver New EP, ‘Somia’

Out now.

Barcelona-based DJ and producer Bastian Bux has dropped a new EP, Somia.

The Spaniard revealed that for this 5-track EP he was inspired on the negatives surrounding him: “I always say that I write music when I’m sad, thoughtful or angry. My inspiration always comes from this kind of negative feelings. We live in a moment where you only need to switch on TV to get mad about something, so there ís plenty of an inspiration source for me nowadays. I feel like if we live in some Orwellian dystopian nightmare, and I hate the fact that nobody seems to care about this.

Techno, trippy arps, stunning acid sounds, more electronic patterns, and some uplifting melodies included in this brand new EP which is out now via Suara imprint.

Listen to some snippets below!

1. The Game
2. Somia
3. Edenvale (feat. Hxnter)
4. Glauben
5. Legal Impunity


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