Ableton has announced Live 10, the new version of its software Live, scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

What’s new
The goal was to improve Live as a creative tool. A new synth called Wavetable has been added, containing a range of waveforms from various instruments, modelled analogue filters and complex modulation capabilities. The device Echo offers delay effects, providing a greater range of digital and analogue textures and allowing wider experimentation than the already available ones. Drum Buss, an all-in-one drum processing device will give you control over transient shaping, saturation, low-end intensity and more. Pedal is a new overdrive effect which models different kinds of distortion and fuzz found in guitar pedals.

Listed below are some other features of the new version:

Improvements on the workflow: You can now rename inputs and outputs to match the hardware in your studio, streamlining the process of routing audio in and out of the program. MIDI allows users to view and edit multiple clips at the same time and a new feature called Capture will help you to store your ideas.

The mixing process has been improved, so that you can put groups of tracks within groups of tracks. EQ Eight has extended low frequency slopes and split stereo panning. Even the interface and browsers have been arranged with new and better functions.

The sound library has been expanded and the sound quality of the Core Library has been upgraded and reorganised.

Find out more about Ableton’s Live 10 in the video below!

Intro version 79 EUR
Standard version 349 EUR
Suite version 599 EUR

Keep up to date on Ableton’s official website!


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